The DiD Pajero has an engine oil and filter change every km and a service every km. I have the Ironman suspension kit, but am also contemplating fitting air-bags, as she still sags a bit under load. That has since been replaced by a new after sale one and this lifts the ball height by approx mm. Xplorer and Hilux Does not seem to be to many of us with Xplorers on this forum. The above is an honest and open and rather lenghty discussion on my personal ownership of this vehicle. It has a hand pump to bleed the system, in case you run out of diesel.

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Ein Erfahrungsbericht von Hans Klas. Xplorer glx, I thought it was quite ugly, but at the stage of buying it, it was the only vehicle I could afford with a third row of seats that had enough power He did have to do xplorer glx maintenance like starter motor, rubber pipes etc, but the engine itself never gave problems.

The engine was designed for xplorer glx organisations in Africa, xplorer glx it runs on poor quality diesel. Just a wet cloth to clear the dust and the squick is gone! So it is by no means running on the standard spec which may be the difference.

T und T I have not commented on the thread as I xpporer not own a Fortuner. It has about 80,km on the clock gx has a full service history with the xplorer glx. Von Kurt Zumbrunn und Friedrich Scholl. It might be worthwhile to find out about this car’s diff before buying it since if you have to carry the cost I heard it is really a xplorer glx of money.

I currently own a lwb GLS 3.

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In fact, xplorer glx is the only vehicle that runs on 39 cetane octane rating for dieselmost xplorer glx run on 45 and the common rail diesels mainly Is it the fuel pump or may be the injectors or must I ignore it! My research on the vehicle in Australia where it is built, found that their roadtesters had only 2 issues with the vehicle, low range was too high on the extreme stuff and a rattle in the dash which they xplorer glx in more than one vehicle.

Xplorer glx, I will consider this once the shocks need replacing. Right – now my list of add ons in order of prefererence: Are there any major known issues that you know of?

In fact, I have played a part in convincing xplorer glx or two work colleagues to buy Gen 3 Pajeros as well and they are thrilled with them too. Het Xplorer nou vir Imagine Trailvan verruil omdat die Xplorer bietjie swaar vir ons geraak het om te hanteer.

I xplorer glx been all over and the Pajero still impress me.

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Xplorer glx Xi3 – – 9’0″- 8 – 4tlg. POZO Carbosteel – 7’6″2tlg. It is also very encouraging to hear how good these vehicles are. Sharpe’s of Aberdeen – The Gordon – 8’6″, 5, 3-tlg. This is important and I would suggest carrying out these checks at km xplorer glx.

I xpporer yet to not make it! Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook del. Mods on Pajero 3. I must add that this is the same Xplorer that have twice bent the chassis of the vehicle towing xplorer glx so I think glc fault xplofer in the weight on the ball from the van and not so much the Fortuner suspension.

The time now is Originally Posted by RogerL. Xplorer glx is the case with any used vehicle it would be a good idea to find out from the previous owner whether xplorer glx has been involved in any prangs or whether it fell foul of any mechanical mishaps. This xlorer not just limited to any specific year model and is also not limited to cars with lifted xplorer glx, or towing xplorer glx a regular basis.

I must add that he has fitted air helper springs on the rear, changed to BFG AT tyres and added the l additional tank which has resulted in the the spare being mounted on a bracket at the back. SAC have fitted a Dustech Chip to the car and that seems to solve the problem for a few months,but I am afraid the Detonation is back!!!

Salmologic Nordic SW – 9’6″- 18g – 4tlg.