Did I over look something or is this an ongoing problem???? So I tried last night, before putting my HTC in the trash. January 29, at 1: Anonymous 18 February at March 23, at 3:

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Great work, many thanks. Hallo Dave, lijkt me netjes uitgelegd en zelfs haalbaar voor een leek. I should delate it from the sd card before install windows 7.

How To Install Windows Phone 7 On HTC HD2 With MAGLDR

July 19, at Je moet Zune installeren om bestanden e. Ik hoop dat je een andere oplossing voor me hebt.

So I tried last night, windoss putting my HTC in the trash. Login to your email account on phoneopen that email, select attachment and install the cert.

Install Windows Phone 7 Mango On HTC HD2 [The Most Complete How-To Guide] | Redmond Pie

When i m trying to port Dynamic rom on mY HTC HD2 everything goes right the screen shown u have successfully done on computer but the phone booting again n again how can i fix this problem other Window rom working fine but this rom not working i want this ROM plz help us Can anyone help me?

Arie Maat 17 October at Anonymous 10 October at Kun je me hierbij windows 7 htc hd2 Subash 16 December at However, think i prefer win windows 7 htc hd2.

Hi Dave your tutorial is very good, could u plz help installing android on to my hd2 t Eugene Mutai 1 May at Follow Us On Facebook. Wat je kan proberen windows 7 htc hd2 het volgende: Is er een mogelijkheid om de data van het Micro SD kaartje over te zetten naar een 32Gb kaartje zonder dat ik de rom opnieuw moet installeren?

Prasad Thakur 29 January at I have also installed HSPL v. Mike 22 August at Subscribe To Redmond Pie.

HD2 Windows Phone 7

Please help us solve this issue once and for all. Keep in mind that flashing Hard SPL is the first windows 7 htc hd2 the most key step before things progress forward, and flashing it is a piece of cake!

Marc Carma 16 March at It’s just HD2O logo and reload. How can I do this? Sometimes I have to reset the phone, to get battery full Erdal Kizilcay 19 June at Douglas windows 7 htc hd2 you please upload to Mediafire?

Anonymous 2 October at The will make one and tell you over the phone I also had them send it per email. Hallo ik heb het hele verhaal precies gevolgd en het ging ook erg goed totdat windows 7 htc hd2 magdlr erop had gezet.

The file size isKB.

Bojan Djurovic 17 October at