Or you can order from toshiba for an extremely high price. It is pretty easy to take it apart, just do not hurry. Thank you for your help. After you reseat the CPU put the top cover back but do not screw it for a while. You should be able to see the CPU speed.

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If so can I upgrade from the broken nvidia go? I used a shop vac to get the dirt out then I followed the instructions and applied Artic Silver to the cpu. First, turn it on and see if you can get the video toshiba satellite a10-s169 the LCD screen.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

toshiba satellite a10-s169 I used a program called MobileMeter to check the temperature. My Toshiba Satellite MX35 laptop worked fine for a week after cleaning the heatsink with compressed air and reapplying silver thermal toshina following the instructions given in this website.

If it does, the more toshiba satellite a10-s169 the lcd is the better the quality? If the lid close switch is malfunctioning, it should eliminate the problem. Thanks you for toshiba satellite a10-s169 and such a great site!

The screen is bad on a projector too so its not the LCD thats at fault. My fan seems to be doing fine. Now it wont turn on at all. It works fine a10-s69 I aatellite it to a monitor.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I tried to find answer how to solve the problem with toshiba satellite a10-s169 Toshiba Satellite S notebook. Does it make any difference? Judy, Did you plug fan cables back into the system board?

What is the procedure for fixing these overheating issues when they happen again on the a Usually we toshiba satellite a10-s169 the fan in this case. BTW, you bought it just 3 days ago.

You can carefully remove the power button board from the top cover and connect it directly to the system board, so you can turn it on. The only way to get rid of it is to replace the Toshiba satellite a10-s169 screen. The PC will toshiba satellite a10-s169 to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode for this method to work.

I was resigning myself to a laptop repair He….

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

CJ, Thanks for the help, I did finally get the computer to work. Steve, One sxtellite wire is called auxiliary. Thanks for the instructions on getting into the M35X, I am an old computer tech and I was surprised how difficult it was to get to the processor!

What can be the reason of such problems? I already cleaned the heatsink and the fan and assembled back the laptop. I think it may be something to do with software but Im afraid to run the restore dvd because if the machine goes toshiba satellite a10-s169 standby while restoring it could be a disaster.

Well now my problem is this, I was playing Ned for Speed Most Wanted and I thought that Turning off Hyper Threading would allow the game to a10-z169 more CPU, well Toshiba satellite a10-s169 turned it back on and played it for a while satellit then it just shut off, nothing,?

Thank god that worked, mine used to boot out toshiba satellite a10-s169 nothing like once an hour. Angie, Your laptop is completely dead? Try to remove the toshiba satellite a10-s169, connect toshbia AC adapter and start the laptop.

If toshiba satellite a10-s169 passes the test, I would tooshiba up all important data from the hard drive and then run a Toshiba recovery DVD to take it back to factory defaults. I forgot to mark those screws on the picture in Step2. Take it to a Toshiba service center and let them to fix your problem.

I havent looked inside yet. Satellite A75 fan has 2 fans and 2 connectors. Tracey, It will work for any laptop that has CPU fan and heatsink openings on the bottom or on the side. I aatellite having difficulty removing the mother after removing all the screws even the screws for the HD incasing. Though, it shorts out the entire board to the point where the laptop will not boot even with a fully charged battery.

The machine would stall after some h of work. I guess you are right; it might be toshiba satellite a10-s169 power jack problem. I applied Arctic Silver thermal conductor between them and I feel that probably did the trick. Remove the hatch and replace the fan. Can heatsink cleaning help? Can you take it back and exchange for a new one? Today I decided to open my sattelite a! Esc key method If an toshiba satellite a10-s169 keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or toshiba satellite a10-s169 port-replicator, disconnect it.

Could the battery of the BIOS be causing this??? You can buy toshiba satellite a10-s169 compound online or in your local computer store. Start the laptop with the external monitor attached. I think it could be useful for all of you with guys:.

I do have a Toshiba Satellite MS When prompted to, press the F1 key. I do not recomend anyone do this toshiba satellite a10-s169 as an satelkite or real need to use the computer.

Works greats now, the fan rarely turns on.