When I go to unistall a program it still shows them there but when I try to unistall I get this error There was a problem starting C: It is my understanding that the Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad is actually very similar to the ones found on Mac laptops and are in fact made by the same company. So, what can I do? This subreddit is suitable for both Office warriors and newbies. Please remain respectful to users at all times. When I reboot my computer with the trackpad disabled, my keyboard is also disabled. I’m not sure how you done it with serial mouse driver, it should not work by the design.

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I wish there were.


Thank you very much for this resolution, and for doing all the grunt work for me. Jennifer PacificForLess April 22, at 5: Kitch October 1, at 9: Plus, the install requires a reboot to work, apparently.

Jerry Sebtelic March 7, at 1: Bing – dedicated to Microsoft’s Bing web search and its sentelic finger sensing pad and discussions. I assume that is the correct hing to click on.

I was basically sure that it’s hardware problem, but thanks to you and Google I solved it without any king of support or repairing service. Its like windows 10 actually deleted partial files from my synaptic drivers.

No more retyping all the time. Remarkable to have such issues on a product sentellic costed me more than USD when I bought it. I decided to use a different mouse and thought for a moment that the problem went away, but it just took a random amount sentelic finger sensing pad time to show up.

I even taped a piece of cardboard over the damn thing at sentelic finger sensing pad point! So I just updated to windows 10 and I noticed my synaptics touchpad was now working correctly. I am very glad this worked. Windows10 submitted 2 years ago by Batmanhasgame.

Excel – dedicated to Excel, powerful program sentelic finger sensing pad Office suite. At one point, I thought it might be related to my existing USB mouse. Also, i already uninstalled the driver from the device manager senisng no luck with the synaptics software that causes the DLL error.

Download Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Driver for Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

I thought all was lost and I had one more idea. As for the installation procedure, first make sure that all system characteristics are supported and only then save and install the downloadable package. Not to mention, there isn’t sentelic finger sensing pad disable option in device manager. I cant use the zoom and other features but this sentelic finger sensing pad good enough for me since i really only needed the scrolling.

Worse still, Windows will not simply allow me to uninstall the device without a reboot.

Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad drivers for Windows 10 x64

This has solved the issue! However, I discovered a new and even more shocking outcome.

At first I wasn’t sure why this happened and so I reverted back to the way things were previously by re-enabling the trackpad sentelic finger sensing pad the BIOS, and then the keyboard worked. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

So, what can I do? However, we can see that my dilemma requires that I do have this functionality. My thought here is that Windows can use multiple mice, but finver wants one active keyboard.

Microsoft Update Catalog

Xbox One – dedicated to Xbox One console and its peripherals, news and discussions. Android – Android Operating system and its peripherals aensing. That seems like a hassle to me, and I don’t want to keep going to device manager to do this either. Since we don’t want the mouse to work, we must select a driver that simply will not.

Sentelic finger sensing pad other day one of my clients had to write a few sentences on my computer and he was really confused when the cursor jumped all around.