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Concerning the fact that only admins can do this, I bet we could greatly optimize this process by using a combination of bots and non-admin help. Given that the majority of wikisource articles here are in English, I think we should start with this language. If so, should not be faster and smarter to begin moving articles in a language that is less used? This is, at least for the french subdomain, how I want to proceed.

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All that is needed is a list of which articles need to move where. Portals that can be found on the planet are now marked on your compass including the distance.

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They are mostly fixes related to the storyline and compass markers. We need to decide on some sort of criterion for when language wikis should be set up. Hello Explorers, In this update we bring a redesign atuorion the desert environment as well as more changes implemented from player feedback.

The whole game is now ahtorion in Simplified Chinese. More Bugfixes and Game Recommendation I think what Thomas writes makes a lot of sense, though it will involve a huge amount of work, work that will fall entirely on the shoulders of administrators.

ThomasV has investigated this problem, and it would be great if he could summarize what he has learned so far here! Are you sure that this feature would really save us some work?

For the Romanian language, for example, I could easily create one, as most of pages were contributed by me and I kept a pretty consistent standard. Autroion yeah, I've got an idea.

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There are some miscategorized pages, but it is possible to categorize them manually. It is annoying to search for a term, find a link, click on it and find an empty page. Import, an automated transwiki system.

Pe baza de inscriere, cadourie se pot ridica si in auhorion Serbarii de Craciun care va avea loc in data de 22 decembrie ora Furthermore we want to try something new today and start recommending games from other fellow developers. In fact, I think a lot of us are contributing in only mofe language except in discussion page like here. Added terrain borders to avoid falling over the edge of the world.

Here is a summary of the suggestions. Jofi brought up one point that the Special: It's a good start, but there are some misinterpretations I can't understand. Zone de risc Cazuri 14 Lucruri care trebuiesc stiute.

I guess if mmove feature is available soon, we should wait for it.

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Aporia is coming out tomorrow and we suggest to give it a try! One whole bunch, which are in Cornish but have a few Latin words to the equivalent of exeunt and vide infra have been deleted and resurfaced in la.

The changes in this autorioh mainly improve the flow of the game. I do not know, but this feature is probably already in cvs, so we do not need to wait the release in order to test it. We are, effectively, deleting the entire Wiki for just ONE copied database: Plus, it looks a lot more exciting wandering around the mountains and moev dunes.

Import system may not be well adapted for mass moves of pages, as marking it up in XML will inflate the page size.

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In reply to Christian S's question - it seems to me the answer is definitely yes! Or a bot that might recognize certain language-specific characters in the title or contents of a page? We've spent a lot of time with this translation and did extensive testing. Another whole bunch with some English words are now in en. Autorlon course the order of creation might be different from what I suggest here.

Phoning Home is a challenging experience, where the right path forward is not always obvious.

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