The print job begins despite the paper being in the incorrect position in the paper cassette. Next test selected Fan test 1: Received data is lengthened or cut off in the printout. Ensure that the wire [B] is kept in a safe place. When the polygon motor speed reaches target, LReady occurs.

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Paper feed sensor 3. Remove the paper tray unit before removing the side covers.

a205 Refer to the next two pages for more details. Release 3 x clips [A] underneath the ricoh ac205. The external jack may not be available for use if your country has a unique or different than the typical telephone system used by ricoh ac205 countries. Lift the transfer roller [H] out, as shown above.

Jam 0 occurs if the sensor is not ricoh ac205 within a certain time. Values are set to the default values. O pen Sensor BR Paper exit sensor 4. Unhook the front cover [A] from the frame ricoh ac205.

Ricoh AC205 Supplies

Ricoh ac205 the shading ricoh ac205 in Tech mode. Restart the printer and reset the printer network settings to the factory defaults with the front panel or with SyncThru on the PC. Paper empty sensor ac05 feed unit 2.

Ensure that bolts and nuts [C] are stored in a safe place. Tilt the assembly to one side.


Remove feed gear 1 [E]. Drive is not correctly installed.

Paper feed unit 5. When a new cartridge is installed in the machine, the machine automatically detects, via the chip, ricoh ac205 the cartridge is new. Delete unnecessary documents delayed ricoh ac205, broadcast, polling etc. The jammed paper should automatically exit the machine.


The techniques outlined below should be followed to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity. Ensure that the power sockets and plugs are not cracked or broken in any way. Next test selected Pick-up test 1: Thermostat The thermostat cuts power to the fusing lamp to avoid machine overheat.

High voltages ricoh ac205 lasers inside this product should be approached with ricoh ac205. Cause Solution Paper is too thin. Lift the front part of the OPE front cover [G] to release it from the hooks connecting it to the scanning assembly. Page Function Item Contents 7. This can also occur when ricoh ac205 a large, multiple paged, complex document.

Remove the ricoh ac205 cover as shown above. Use caution during thunder or lightening storms. Table Of Contents 4.

Release the white catch [C]. Unable to scan via the PC. SyncThru cannot work through a router.