Yeah definitely Gigabit, however i am using the Cat5 cable that came in the box, ill adjust that now. Start-up issues with your mower? Your account may say its ultimate on the website and when they look on your account but internally it wont be. Anything locally Australia wide you should see near full speed. Quite a few people get more than that. Carburetors, starters, air filters, fuel …. The results varied between down and 1.

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Anyone else know about SYD speeds — might have to take the jump over to the ol’ cable from dsl. Does Mbps speed represent the maximum speed from the closest node? Just another speed test from speedtest. Not Cable, I know, so slightly OT.

I too get around 40ishMb from my mobiles, tablets, mp3 players, consoles, cqble. That is unless someone could suggest a way to fix this in the motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem of the N1’s GUI perhaps?

But hey it works during peak at night, unlike my old exetel Patented vertical pivot support with steel roller bearings Bolts directly to most commercial mowers Durable powdered coated finish Pneumatic tires Extra wide foot platform Two year limited warranty.

Hope the above information helps you.

Should I still get them to replace the TAP? I visited the Telstra TLife shop Melbourne Central yesterday around 12pm and ran about 6 speed tests.

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Looks like you may be using wifi? If you are, you will have to wait to something higher cmes out. Your download speed is The speeds currently via speedtest measure about 34Mbps but browsing seems slower than Adsl. D Even faster than Speedtest. Glad to be of assistance.

Are these stats what they should be? Is it normal to fluctuate from 6ms all the way to 20ms on the same route at any given time of day, and only 10 hops away? Is the slower speed on the iPad and iPhone just due to the processor horse motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem Hey guys, a bit OT, but since most people posting in this thread would have the answer, thought I’d ask.

There is no sync speed via cable, you are thinking adsl there. Your only getting 14Mbps down.

Official Cable Ultimate/Super Fast Speedboost Speedtest Thread – Cable – Telstra Broadband

It all comes down to a personal taste and opinion. Only announced this week! A breathless session saw a quite staggering 23 cars blanketed by just eight tenths motorpla a second with positions changing at almost every moment.

Im also very happy about the 5ms ping. Is congestion a factor? Can anyone clarify and advise me on what modem i should be getting for Ultimate 3. I am very confused because this was the first thing I did when I got my connection installed!?

How far away from the router is the TV? Bigpond’s Free AARnet mirror concurrent downloads with 8 connections each 3. The link speed on the S4 reports 54Mbps. 5102 it’s time to troubleshoot my gear.

I called to motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem about the speed. He said to me if your getting Mbps and your upload speed is 1. It seems you’re still on the default frequency.

Off net tests are meaningless. When i was living in Germany i was on Mbit which was probably limited by the Mbit ethernet i was connected through and i couldn’t find a server on speedtest. Anything here out of the ordinary? We work on those! I am very happy with cable. Mldem service all brands of power equipment including …. Macbook Air motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem wifi, 5GB Ultimate, 10pm today.

Of course, speeds surfbiard differ from each person and you should only take these results as a reference. But will possobly be years till we get it too whilst they r on 50GBps.

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Whoo hoo — new connection http: I usually get abovebut I just made that frequency change on my cisco modem to test and now it seems to sit more around the mark. I might upgrade to Ultimate Cable in the future so that’s good news! A friend of mine just got Ultimate, but is motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem getting around 35Mbps. Another reason would be that more people download than upload.