I can attest to that. For all repairs you must complete the Repair Ticket Form below before you return a pedal for repair. You have a great family at Keeley Electronics, Robert. Transparent overdrive with full-range sound and loads of dynamics. Thank you so much for existing! Here is how it sounds using single coil pickups, followed by a quick comparison with a Tube Screamer here an Analogman modded TS9. May 25, 5.

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Now if you could just do one of your mods to some spinach and broccoli I have in the fridge……Warmest regards.

Your name or email keelye That was an original design designed to meet many of the tonal boues of the Blues Driver. I will begin straight away with the videos and will give my b afterward.

Displaying reviews Back to top. If you are new to Robert Keeley Electronics Sound, try this pedal. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.

May 25, 8. I was originally in love with the way the stock pedal sounded, after two of bss friends told me i should check into having it modded I finally sucked it up and forked over the money. Biscuit Dust with some Neutrino Envelope Filter! This is a testimony to the quality of the pedal as this is not something that every overdrive pedal will do well: Stratm69May 25, Keeley boss bd 2 blues This Page Tweet.

And there is also a big difference in terms of available gain compared to a Tube Screamer here an Analogman modded TS9. Later on we released the Luna Overdrive which won a Keeley boss bd 2 blues of the Year award in England and that pedal had further refinements made to it and became the Katana Blue Drive.

Only downside is, I no longer need to look at other distortions its that dynamic! keeley boss bd 2 blues

Keeley BOSS BD-2 Phat Mod Blues Driver Pedal

I know you are proud. Thanks to its tremendous volume output, the BD-2 Phat Mod can be used as a clean boost to drive your amp into natural-sounding overdrive. It was great before and even better now. Well, after all these years Craighton Hale stumbled upon a Toshiba device that keeley boss bd 2 blues the magic.

Home Forums Recent Posts. There may be repair fees for pedals that will be receiving mods or pedals that have malfunctioned from user error like plugging keeley boss bd 2 blues wrong power supply, running over it with a truck, etc… Thank you for your cooperation!

The pedal you have now is the culmination of many ideas and modifications that Robert Keeley had made to the pedal over the years. With the gain down and the level up, it will kick a Marshall or Mesa Boogie Tube head into a powerful, natural overdrive.

This pedal has been modified to have slight asymmetrical clipping. You can control all the drive you want by setting the BD-2 Gain high and using your volume control to instantly dial in the rest!


We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to insure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. Log in or Sign up. I use keeley boss bd 2 blues as a preamp in the beginning of my chain – many times using it alone He has been a pleasure to work with, extremely personable and I look forward to continuing doing business with him.

This mod gives you 2nd order harmonic distortion.

Super Phat Mod – Keeley Engineering

This does tend to take away a little bit of the high end, but really fattens up the lows, and makes for a cleaner signal all around. I play through a 65 Twin Reverb and this pedal puts teeth on it like you would not believe!! All Keeley keeley boss bd 2 blues include a one year parts and labor warranty! It is full range and very responsive. bosss