Other times you need a workhorse image fixer or collection housecleaning. A more complete feature list is here. With GQview falling into disrepair after its developer abandoned the project several years ago, Geeqie is keeping this viewer tool alive and well. The choices include list and tree options for folders and image lists as well as icons and thumbnails.

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If it does not have a built-in feature, chances are pretty solid that you will never miss it. Other times you need a workhorse image fixer or collection housecleaning. Geeqie can easily become a one-stop, do-it-all image viewing app.

Geeqie Image Viewer -- Main Project Page

Oracle's Customer Transition Challenge. For instance, it gives you more flexibility in viewing and handling graphic files. That means you might not find it available yet in your favorite distro's repository.

Deepin Builds a Better Linux Desktop. The instructions for downloading and installing are easy to follow.

Geeqie Image Viewer Geeks Out on Features

I also like being able to float the file list or hide it and the toolbar. The app is readily available in compressed tarball format from a variety of online sources. A handy short-cut geeqir lets you click the Set as wallpaper command to bypass the Linux desktops own procedure for creating a new wallpaper choice.

Access millions of IT and business decision makers. Geeqie is a newcomer to established distros.

Debian -- Package Search Results -- geeqie

The source tar for Geeqie v1. Support If you need help or have questions about Geeqie, just send a message to the mailing list. Sales Chatbots Tell a Story. Kodachi Builds Privacy Tunnel for Linux. This adds to Geeqie's overall usefulness.

When it comes to image viewers, one app is not always hands-down better than others. Gedqie, of course, reduces or enlarges the size of the graphic display window on the right. If you are a fan of GQview, you could have a fond affinity for this little-known newcomer. I use it with relish on my large screen systems as well as my medium-screen laptops geeqid tiny-tot sized netbook.

Pantheon Desktop Makes Linux Elementary. For instance, Both single clicks and keyboard shortcuts let me open a file in a new window or create a new collection in addition to quickly finding recently opened files.

And then there are menu options to search, find duplicate files, print, create a new folder or symlink. It is rare to find an image viewing tool that geeqje every feature geeqe on your wish list. You can drag the border line to the left or right to expand or compress the left column's file list.

One of Geeqie's strong points is its click-and-view file manager interface. Built From Scratch for Full Independence. At times I feel like I am using a much more feature-filled photo program rather than a lightweight image viewing application. The options under the view menu include some of the most useful choices found in file manipulation tools.

Geeqie is a lightweight image viewer for Linux, BSDs and compatibles. Features A summary of Geeqie may be found on its Wiki page. That is why you need a quick and handy image viewing app like Geeqie to supplement the image manipulation toolboxes found in full-fledged image editor programs such as GIMP and photo collection apps like Shotwell Photo Management.

The Road Ahead for Open Source. You can extract and even compile them to make installation files if you are faint-hearted as well.

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