For example, select and perform any calculations on MLIN: Parameter s modified - Values are not consistent. To save a LineCalc component file:.

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LineCalc can communicate directly with the circuit simulators. The Component display lists the currently-selected component type and ID. For details, refer to Schematic Capture and Layout. The display updates to show that the corresponding Z0 value changed from The Status Bar at the bottom of the window shows the status of your displayed data.

For detailed information on linecxlc and print setup options, refer to your operating system documentation. You can print results, save results to an element data file, or instantly update a schematic or layout in a circuit design.

Using LineCalc

Lineccalc must clear any currently active work before selecting or importing components for a new synthesis or analysis. To play back a macro:. After resetting the display, you can activate a component that you want to synthesize or analyze in one of these ways:.

Note You can send only one component at a time. Before selecting or importing components to begin a new synthesis or analysis, be sure to clear any currently active work. You can send parameter data for selected circuit design elements, along with data on any associated substrates or walls, directly from the simulator to LineCalc.

For more information, go to www. You can modify program units or frequencies before calculating the results by setting the Frequency, Length, Resistance, and Angle oinecalc. Note Choosing New displays the default component.

If you want to change the value of G, you must click the Fix button for W. Before running LineCalc, you should be familiar with the basic operation of the ADS design environment.

Using LineCalc - ADS - Keysight Knowledge Center

Note Choosing a file from a different linecwlc does not change the default directory. See search results instead: When you have changed a parameter value without recalculation synthesis or analysisthe message appears: The new condition is shown by the label on the button which changes to read Fixed and is dimmed.

Certain components require the value of one of the physical parameters to be fixed not modifiable during synthesis.

The Title bar displays the application name and the name of the active data file or liecalc if no data file is associated with the data being displayed. Starting LineCalc in this manner assumes you have established a path to the ADS installation directory. To open a previously-saved LineCalc component file:.

Where can i find linecalc???

After liinecalc element parameter values are calculated, you can update the associated schematic or layout circuit design in the active simulator immediately with the LineCalc results.

Generally, the last two lijecalc fields are used to compute lineecalc other parameters. LineCalc is an analysis and synthesis program for calculating electrical and physical parameters of single and coupled transmission lines.

Was this topic helpful? The parameters shared by components with frequency or mwall parameters are listed in the Component Parameters area. You can use LineCalc like a spreadsheet, in the sense that a change in one value brings about a recalculation through all related values when you choose the appropriate Calculate button.

For these components, one parameter must be assigned a fixed value before you can perform a synthesis. Note Before selecting or importing components to begin a new synthesis or analysis, be sure to clear any currently active work. Shared Parameters Parameters common to a group of components and required for both analysis and synthesis.

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