You can manage remote computer as like your own computer via Remode Desktop stuff. Click "Add new host", then in host name, type whatever you want eg. We suggest you to use Winrar or Winzip.. Also, when there's a destructive feature i. You can use Port Tester in Turkojan Client.

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No, there is nothing illegal about Turkojan itself. You can learn creating server from here. Enjoy Turkojan tutorial to hack computer remotely Nov 15, Messages: Check local tools in left menu.

How to use Turkojan

We will send you a username and password after you purchase Turkojan Private Edition,so you will be able to login with these information. Wouldn't that make the servers unable to reach?

May 23, Messages: Free download Turkojan to access computer remotely. During support period if our software is known to be detected we will work to ensure an update is released that will eliminate the problem.

In most cases you have the right to install any programs on the computer that belongs to you. Allows us to autostart server.

So antivirus software which is installed on remote computer can cause this,we suggest you to buy Turkojan Private Edition. Port Checker - [download] You can check forwarded ports with this program.

It works quietly in the background and has been optimized to minimize resource use. If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer. Port Checker - [download].

Hacking: Turkojan Tutorial - how to hack pc remotely

There are many situations when monitoring the computer activity is perfectly legal: You can use Port Tester in Turkojan Client. Your antivirus software can label Turkojan Public Edition as unwanted application,so we suggest you to uninstall your antivirus software. Melt server when run: UnitedAug 14, Sorry for double post. My antivirus software says that Turkojan includes a virus,is it true? BhullarzAug 2, A copies itself in the Windows folder as turkkjan If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer.

Since RAT's are Remote administration tools, does that mean that once I gain access to the victim's com, they can't control it? Unzip the downloaded file using Winzix free download here to obtain Turkojan free software. Hit on Editor to get something like this: Hi, Thx for such an article i just have a little problem here.


There are also uses turkoan are not strictly illegal, but have some moral ambiguity to them for example, a computer activity monitor may be used to catch in the act a cheating spouse. I wud lik to noe some stuff. Your friend should uninstall antivirus software completely. After configuring server as above, hit on Save and your turkojam will be created and saved in current directory on your system.

Can Turkojan be used for any legitimate purposes?

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