Panda bear comfy in nautica

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Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica | dublab

It's called that because it sounds like the loop is saying "Comfy in nautica" nuatica the end, after the singing. Know something about this song or lyrics? Ultimately, Lennox is saying that "coolness" is having the courage to be your self and do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

Log in to add a tag. Winning is what you want to Winning what you're scared to go for You try to remember always to have a good time Try and have a softer inside Shut up, boy, and be a soldier Coolness is having courage Courage to do what's right And try to remember always just to have a good time Winning is what you want to Winning what you're scared to go for And try to remember always to have a good time Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video. Comfy in Nautica song meanings.

Stuff like a guy walking an old lady across the street, I think that's cool. This is meant ironically, since "having a good time" cannot be the basis naytica a very meaningful life--yet it's the best we can do given the present circumstances.

Good deeds--and doing good stuff for yourself and for other people, as cheesy as it sounds. The background music is meant to symbolize a sort of totalitarian mass that calls for you to fall in line with a pre-composed model of happiness, whether this call takes the form of corporate controlled culture nautica or hipster subversiveness coolness.

General Comment This song is about figuring out how to comcy and how in the face najtica overwhelming uncertainty.

It's subtle, but once you hear it, it's so obvious. Feel like they needed to put on a certain brand of clothing to feel like they're awesome.

Try Try to tell me how to do it Only because I'm new to it Coolness is having courage Courage to do what is right I'll try to remember always just to have a good time Try to show me that you know me Do you know what coolness really is? These are keys to life trust me.

Login with Google Error: General Comment This whole album seems to be someone who is going through a maajor self-developement period in their life, "Person Pitch" makes me think of how people "pitch" an idea, well person pitch would be giving a version of yourself a chance as for how that applies to the song, well, i'm not sure if he's giving advice to someone, or if its a self-directed vow, but it seems to be a list nautuca life laws that one should strive for.

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I'm Not / Comfy in Nautica

General Comment this song makes me think of all of us who mean anything to the world marching triumphantly towards the apocalypse. Login with Facebook Error: Lyrics submitted by emmyotteredited by nataliaSH. We do not have any tags for Comfy in Nautica lyrics. General Comment I think its about three types of patience The patience to explore And the patience to let someone explore All at the same time never become angry or upset At Your inexperience Someones inexperience Confidence and desire to experience Yet al the root of it all what I love is How it mentions to never become too serious And never overlook how important Humor and fun are.

Add your thoughts 35 Comments. Song Meaning "I'm really stoked about the way a certain pair of shoes can make me feel," he admits. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. General Comment Damn, you guys are reading way too far into the "nautica" thing.

I'm now hearing the end of this song entirely differently. Why not add your own? So I thought, Well maybe I'll try and come up with my own definition for it.

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