Loriotpro v4

It is frequently used with Remote Access Server equipments and Dial-in users. The Report Center is a new tree that is fully customizable. You know that real Traps are always difficult to generate, for example a power supply failure on a PC.

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Active View display area

Coming with the version 4, the accounting of Event types and Trap types is now possible. Installing LoriotPro as a Windows service.

The documentations are also provided with our softwares in Microsoft compiled Help format chm. Examp l e with getsession. Database creation with phpMyAdmin.

Accessing Reports from LoriotPro console. Any object present in the Directory tree can have a process plug-in that executes a particular task attached to it. Active View are other ways of supervsing your devices and equipments.

The LDS is built on a completely new directory structure based on an loriotprp approach. The MIB tree provides advanced display features.

For example, an Active View objet representing a disk can become red when a disk failure trap is received from a system. Event Message Pane Description. In fact, you can organize the logic of your setup any way you want.

Console access management Console access documentation.

But using the short name of an object in the MIB tree was not possible if name were duplicated. These fields are frequently used in the private enterprise Traps to define the involved failed component. The directory organizer is the ultimate tool for arranging the structure g4 your directory with a very easy to use drag and drop interface. A dedicated Service is now able to resolve the address of these hosts given a known DNS name. Version - Release V8 - be Posted date: There is a new initial network and host auto discovering method.

MIB files describes what can be monitored in a particular device. In other words, if you want to track the usage of a specific interface of a router, simply locate the interface in the tree and link it to the loriotprl plug-in.

We provide beta software for testing purposes.

Download free evaluation software LoriotPro, Syslog Collector, radius server

Perfmon plugin directly generates alarms on threshold values. Discovering with IP Scanner. Event management and filtering are now managed directly from the event-tree windows. The Automatic Discovery Process locates devices that are connected to the network only minutes after installation of LoriotPro and provides a complete view of the IS.

For example, you can place multiple country containers at the top of the tree, each one containing multiple main plants or subsidiaries. LoriotPro provides support of events, alarms and notifications, and advanced filter and trigger capabilities that allow to define a powerful event management policy. LoriotPro installation takes few minutes and can start to monitor your network right away.

A IP scanner that is able to basically browse range of IP addresses, detect live host, and update your directory.

Documentation and administrator handbook of LoriotPro

LoriotPro can also help you to manage smart infrastructure using remote IP devices, video camera, intrusion detection sensor, power supply sensor, humidity sensor etc. Report generation containing graphics. Hardware and Software requirements. LoriotPro is a major improvement of the well-known Loriot Freeware product, a management and monitoring product that helps administrators to keep their entire Information System IS up and running.

Update contains the last features and bug correction requests from us or from our beta tester.

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