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However, the test files included some. Furthermore, charts cannot be created, which is a shame. Smartoffice went into administration in , and its residual assets were purchased by Artifex Software Inc, a player in the printer market, in February and these residual assets were subject to all previous licenses including those sold by the administrators.

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Retrieved from " https: Picsel [1] was a company and smaft founded in Glasgow, Scotland and its trademark and innovations were used to develop products for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Picsel Smart Office 1.9.3 APK

Smart Office lacks this feature — documents are viewed just as you would see them on a desktop. Across all three editing sub-applications, the editing toolbar gives access to a full set of font controls.

Some Google Docs users found that version 1. While viewing a file, a main toolbar can be accessed by tapping at the top of the screen, which lets you undo actions, save, and close. The most important of which is text reflow to make documents easier to read — especially in portrait mode. Of course, there are all the same formatting tools as mentioned in previous sections, e.

The spreadsheet sub-application is the most 'feature complete' part of Smart Office, offic feels much more like a desktop application than the equivalent section of Quickoffice.

You can create bulleted and numbered lists, and adjust text alignment. In FebruaryArtifex Software Inc purchased the residual rights to the IP, including both the source code, and the Picsel and SmartOffice brands, subject to the previous existing smary as confirmed by the legal team of the administrators in several publicised letters and communications.

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Viewing a PowerPoint file. Amart should be noted, for the record, that Smart Office has an anaglyph 3D mode, which requires red and cyan glasses. This is meant to make text appear to float above the screen. When I asked Picsel whether this would be the case in Smart Office 2.

Smartoffice went into administration inofdice its residual assets were purchased by Artifex Software Inc, a player in the s,art market, in February and these residual assets were subject to all previous licenses including those sold by the administrators.

The new file explorer makes better use of screen real estate by rearranging file lists into two columns when in landscape mode. A new UK trading company, Smartoffice Technologies Ltd emerged, after advice from the companies advisers. Smart Office supports cut, copy, and paste as you might expect. This means you have to type cell references manually rather than being able to select with touch or cursor keys.

Pasting formulae is limited; for example, if you have a row you wish to copy and paste into the rows below, trying to paste all the columns at once ofice not work in our testing. Quickoffice users will be familiar with the mobile view which makes documents more readable on their smartphone. The only element we lost in a Word document was a comment attached to a word, and simple Picssel files were preserved too.

The real test of any office suite is how well it preserves the formatting elements from desktop software. This is preferable to how Quickoffice handles text selection, which uses cursor keys, rather than dragging gestures.

This then loads you into the full-screen text editor with the selected text for you to work on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reviewed smsrt David Gilson at 7: Zooming out to preview pages.

These can then be swiped through in the 3D preview that is also used in the PDF viewer and word processor.

A widget, which slides in from the right, allows you to sort file lists according to name, date, size, or type. In JulyPicsel Technologies Ltd and other companies within the group entered administration. Each column of formulae had to be pasted one at a time. Not perfect, but overall pretty good. There is also a graphics accelerated page ofcice mode that lets you quickly flick through a large number of pages.

Picsel has adopted the modern method of touchscreen text selection by having handles for setting the start and end positions.

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