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With Dell deciding to discontinue this product, there will be no vWorkspace 9. Moreover, Parallels Remote Application Server offers a higher level of support in case you need any assistance. Not many businesses can afford the hefty price tag of VMware and Citrix.

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Sure you can reconnect and your session is still there, but still, dropping immediately is just stupid. By following guided wizards, you can get the system up and running in five minutes. This release adds support for the following: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What’s after Dell vWorkspace? Parallels Has The Answer

So, it's totally logical that you would have to do things differently once your on the virtual desktop. I like the fast switching between active connections, but if you lock your screen or the screen times out, all active connections are immediately disconnected. The Connectors will read the regional settings of the end user's device and set the locale accordingly.

Unified business procedures are a key offering of the cloud revolution, and virtualization plays a key role in unifying business procedures across an organization. Connector Management in version 8. Support for HTML5 devices and browsers means that users can access virtual desktops and applications instantly without any agents or plug-ins, accelerating the adoption and reach of desktop virtualization. Customers who continue to use the product will have to deal with integration and support issues.

Most of the features come auto-configured. Migrating to an alternate virtualization solution may not be easy for users, particularly because of the complexity involved in the installation and management of virtualization products such as VMware and Citrix.

Click here to try Parallels RAS for free today. Support for iOS 9. Dell gives up on vWorkspace virtual desktops The Register.

‎vWorkspace on the App Store

Quest Software was later acquired by Dell. I don't see a way to scroll that screen at all, even though Quest says you can. Multiple bug fixes see Release Notes. We have streamlined the user interface and made it much simpler to use.

With Dell deciding to discontinue this product, there will be no vWorkspace 9. By adding vWorkspace to vworkspaace portfolio, Dell became a big contender in the virtualization segment. It supports major hypervisors, browsers, and platforms, and you can publish resources to any device including Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows, Google Chromebooksand Raspberry Pi.

An Comprehensive Overview of Dell vWorkspace | Parallels Blog

Also worth mentioning, the problem is not with the server I am connecting to, as I am able to access it without a problem using vWorkspace on the PC. The tool came with all the features that are available with top virtualization products such as VMware and Citrix.

It is a comprehensive virtualization solution that allows you to seamlessly deliver applications and virtual desktopsand it is easy to install and use without the need for certified professionals. Now that configuration of the connectors is incredibly easy, we have streamlined the interface and provided options that end users will better understand.

So what are you waiting for? Delivers Applications to 1, Users—Across 8 States. Additional language support - French, Spanish, German and Traditional Chinese Support for Microsoft RDP8 Adaptive Graphics Anonymous logon - administrators can assign vWorkspace resources anonymously, vworkspade the need for authentication before a user can use a vWorkspace resource Dynamic window resize - When a user resizes a remote Windows r2 Server or Windows Desktop 8. It is tightly integr.

How Does It Work? We have added email lookup cworkspace the automatic configuration dialogue of the connectors. I have read some if the other reviews on the scrolling issue and not being able to use your finger to drag the screen around. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Lastly, I just downloaded and installed the app on my iPhone.

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