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Setting different users and corresponding management rights. Analog Clock The following can be set on the attributes of analog clock see figure , such as lead time difference or lag time difference; fixed text and font; color, size, shape and font of hour index; clock shape; color, size and shape of minute index; colors of hour hand, minute hand and second hand; show and color of date and week. Imported excel files are supported. The loading content will enter into editing window automatically. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of LED display screen.

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Figure Image Programme Attributes Multi- text: Programme window is the window for play.

Remotely controlling the on and off condition of the power supply for display screen, air conditioner and sound box. During remote control, this server can not be connected until the user name and responding password are input. Timing copy the programme. A bobogadetto attached to the USB-port Linear: Detailed parameters are in connection with video input device.

The specific use patterns and coding please contact the database provider's technical staff. Concrete execution time of order, the format of time is xx hour xx minute xx second with hour system.

All devotees are warmly invited. The time needed by the window which needs the maximum duration in this page. We used this for our live twitterwall. The third part is the management and editing program details, including chapter V to chapter XIV. You may select the image file to be played and enable it. Screen management window may be started up. Recurrently playing all pages in turn.

The form you are done editing, you need to save the file, users only need to enter the file name can be, the software will automatically add the extension. Windows is not supported at sotware moment.

It enables us to know exactly what. This section details the LEDSHOWT9 software provides a variety of playback functions, for each function, described in detail the steps the new window, you can set all the properties, as well as some of the practical effects of commonly used.

Colorlight LEDShowT9 User Manual used for Colorlight T9 and A8 LED Control Card

The recommended decoder for "ultimate decoder". The window specially used to add image file. Figure Adding File Window Figure Adding Video File 2 Setting window attributes Click and select the file window and edit various attributes softwate the file window in the window attributes on the right as shown in Figure Broadcast the timing and appointed programmes file.

Modification may become effective in real time. The area of programme attributes: Figure Play page right-click menu Recently played files: Figure Adding multi- text window Figure Adding multi-line text 1 Creating Window of Multi-line Text Select the program page to be edited, then click add button and select window of mutli-line text.

Recurrently playing all in this page.

Adjusting the brightness of display screen according to Period of time. Setting relevant software parameters User Admin: Various attributes can be set for different texts.


If you see the contents can not be displayed within a window height, the software will automatically display page. This section focuses on the software's main functions and features, the software operating environment requirements, the software install, uninstall, migration, upgrades and so on. The loading content will enter into editing window automatically. Network setting is used for remote control.

It is able to actualize the functions of transferring, editing and saving for the existing word document.

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