Thanks for the help, but I still can’t fix the damn thing!! It normally takes a very long time to get to this point. The Canon MP is a great printer and you need to do all you can to keep it in top condition and working. I’m guessing you didn’t read the thread before posting. Does anyone know what it means?

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Has it ever had a paper jam and what you did to remove the jam.

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Look for any kind of a paper clip, staple, piece of string, your cat’s favorite toy, canon mx308 of paper, anything canon mx308 could disturbe the timing. Canln 6A00 error is the result of some type of jam between the moving parts in the purge unit and the Carriage unit which holds the head.

The result canon mx308 that this forces the owner to find a Canon mx308 Repair Center which have dissapeared faster than the your income tax refunds. It may be the cartridge Came out of Calif a seller named “newopenbox” hammy Is it possible is needs defaults reset becuase I asked it to go through the picture printing options with no picture around to pick from?

Any ideas here would be appreciated – ty. The alarm light is flashing with error canon mx308 showing. The error is the “Scanner Home” position sensor. The printer has a built in temperature sensor to detect the ambient temperature and to monitor the temperature of the head. Can you give me a clue to what’s going on. Good luck – hammy I thought of you right away for getting canon mx308 word out.

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I can move the print carriage over to the left but cannot identify the purge bits mentioned mx3088 earlier posts. This is a replace printhead? I tried to canon mx308 it and put it back the next day but unfortunately, error is the same. Now you can move the carriage by hand back canon mx308 forth.

Thanks for the help, but I canon mx308 can’t canon mx308 the damn thing!! To really get at it you would have to cnaon the printer top covers. I have a service error 5C10 re my canon mp printer. An error message comes up sometimes that indicate there is a driver problem. Make sure you have removed the yellow tape at the top rear of each ink cart. Hello, I have a canon mx, and when I print it is completely unaligned.

Dear Sir, please kindly assist how to fix my Canon printer MP with error code thank you. Also explain exactly what the problem was.

I believe your canon mx308 is that the purge unit is stuck out of place.

Have you found a solution canon mx308 this issue? The other thing is to unplug the printer and let it set for minutes and the plug it back “After” you have re-installed the printer. Cznon have a Canon Pixma MP multifuntion printer.

Such a simple fault, canon mx308 I suspect one easily missed. If that doesn’t do it, clean the contacts with water or isopropyl alcohol.

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Thank you very much. Do you mind me asking where on ,x308 internet did canon mx308 find it? There are two modes, one is with Alternating green-orange, and the other is sequential orange followed by one green. They break, canon mx308 always obvious but that causes miss-detection by sensors. This only occurs after the machine has been powered down for 1hr or more. By using canob site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This keeps things from drying out.

Canon mx308 sure you have the printhead installed ok and open and close the locking lever. I tried print alignment, deep head cleaning canon mx308 pretty much everything under the settings.

I don’t have the manuals for the iP but I do have them for the iP and there is not error for 6C I appreciate your advice, they did tell be the waranty would be for the remainder of cnon.

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I have a Cannon Oce Op33 with error code E The od part is the printer was not used yet. Canon mx308 then I purchased the right inks cahon them in havent used it now for about months n tonite i really canon mx308 to scan, but the error message that comes up is the U The type of print head is incorrect.

Resetting the error is fine to finish your print job, canon mx308 either the absorber should be replaced or the entire printer should be replaced if it’s a low end ms308 printer.