Neptune pitch adjuster

Do yourself a favor and get Melodyne. The correction can be controlled from predefined scales, from input MIDI notes or from a combination of both! Pitch edit is definitely the way to go for me. Devs are all welcome to show off their goods. Currently I use Cubase Variaudio and then export wav to Reason for final mix.

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Neptune: I am officially breaking up with you -

It is an incredible piece of software. Found that out by mistake. Post Fri Oct 21, 8: Add to that Melodyne can actually deal with multi-pitch audio, something where e. Forum All times are UTC. As a pitch adjuster, Neptune will fine tune the pitch of an audio track to help getting your vocal performances just right.

I imagine i might use neptune some day when i want to ruin the audio, and that's about all i can think of. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. That will reduce latency. Pitch edit is definitely the way to go for me.

Then, you need to enable Input Monitoring on your track. Google Adsense [Bot] and 0 guests. Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth. I get a lot of grayed-out blobs and if there are many harmonics in the source or leakage from other instruments you get pitdh very wired results.

Users browsing this forum: Perhaps the most creative-sparking function in Neptune is the voice synth. The Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth device is a combined monophonic vocal pitch corrector, pitch shifter and polyphonic voice synth.

Adjhster, its definitely not the best.

The Formant Shift control is used for making the transposed voice sound more natural or unnatural, if that's desired. I've been using Reason neprune 15 years and like to think I know Neptune in and out pretty good, but it just wouldn't play ball with me today. This function I have used on many occasions to correct the odd note or phrase pitch here and there and has much less artifacts than Neptune. Tuning vocals giving crappy results isn't a problem for me.

Post Sun Aug 09, 4: Sometimes you get that almost perfect performance with perfect feel and presence, but the singer might have missed a few notes.

I'd like to stay in Reason more, but Neptune just can't even come close to how good Melodyne Essentials does. The correction can be controlled from predefined scales, from input MIDI notes or from a combination of both!

Post links to your. The Transpose parameters are set to desired values.

New Reason user here. It just doesn't have the workflow and convenience of VariMeloAudioDyne type interfaces.


By using our websites you consent to this in adjusfer with the cookie section in our Privacy Policy. No registered users and 4 guests. Neptune to Process Drums 4: Neptune is also a natural sounding audio transposer. The Pitch Adjust section is turned off and the Transpose section is activated.

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