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WinTime Secure is used for centers that have a separate entryway into their facility or "man trap". At the Computer number, select the computer number of the current computer. The time clock information is the basis for Attendance reports and Currently in the Center reports, and for calculating your Staffing Ration reports.

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If you shop offers one While renting a computer, a customer may avail other services you offer like printing, buying supplies, etc. View monthly profit statement.

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Clients enter their personal PIN, select the children NOT attending that day, and then place their finger on a small fingerprint scanner to verify their identity. You can use WinTime with a keyboard, keypad, or touch screen monitor.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fingerprint verification is the best form of identity verification available and is very affordable.

Beginning with version v3. Color-coded computer icon to avoid confusion among different kinds of rental.

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Optimize and automate the process of managing and organizing computer rentals when working in the bit Windows. WinTime Verify uses the latest in biometric technology. Tech Support and Updates. Join 9 other followers Top Clicks tiswansenjaya. In addition, Breakpoint WinTimer includes computation of printing charges and discounts. You can add this charges so that you can never forget them.

WinTime Verify and Secure is the ultimate clisnt security. Transferring the time from one computer to another is just a click of the mouse. Here you can also set the off-peak rates for members and non-members with schedule for different days and timing. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Moreover, WinTimer stays at the Taskbar for easy access with the left or right click cljent a mouse when minimized or closed.

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At the Computer number, select the computer number of the current computer. Supports more than 1GB of data.

Otherwise, proceed to Step 5. Individual user can monitor their own elapsed time and amount to be paid when running on a network environment. This happens in real life!

But the upper limit of management is 50 computers. Key Benefits Easy to install and use. Wetmore Road Suite Tucson, Arizona Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Standard Wintime can be used on a stand alone computer or on a network workstation. It maintains a daily log file than can be previewed or printed.

If you cannot connect through automatic connection, you can manually do so. You are commenting using your WordPress. You can adjust time in if it happens you forgot to do so. Features It locks computer by disabling the mouse and keyboard. At the IP Address, type

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