Mc burberry put a donk on it

To live, to listen, to learn. Clubland 16 Live Blackout Crew. Could also be a Devvo song Edit 2: Clubland 12 CD3 Blackout Crew.

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Mc Burberry - Ya Mum Lyrics

The Blackout Crew - Put a Donk on it but every time they say "donk" it gets faster. Make both your title and body as detailed as possible to help the solvers.

Clubland 12 Blackout Crew. Know what it is and want to find where you can get one? Try Pandalism's online sequencer! Clubland 16 Blackout Crew. Clubland 13 Blackout Crew.

Put a donk on it. I'm back, with donkk status, The greatest M-C that's likely to make this, Take this mic and use it against yuz, Other M-C's just ain't the same as, This kids been livin' the dream, Been glued to the mic since I was 13, Get in my way and you will start see, What life is like on a life support machine.

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They shot to fame with their club track, "Put A Donk On It", a tongue-in-cheek stab at putt culture where popular dance tracks are taken and have a heavy 'donk' sample attached to them.

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Make my profile public at. Thou shall not mess with this kid A twisted misfit onn joined the hit list Its simple A baby born gifted nothing but lyrics when pens are lifted Raw talent makes me so sickness Rhyming ability o so decievein' This recipe for your evenin' Dowie mc's inside he ain't leavin' Baseline!

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