Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. This makes the surfaces matt and creates a good grip. If you’re not familiar with the ASUS nomenclature, the “X” following the main model name indicates a specific build for a major reseller, in this case Amazon. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Plus, the N61Jv is the third notebook we’ve tested with Nvidia’s Optimus technology, which means it can seamlessly switch between its powerful Nvidia GPU and the more energy-efficient integrated graphics for more battery life. We can only twist it marginally with both hands.

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What we’re asus n61jv at then is performance that should be more than twice as fast in most games assuming the game is GPU limited.

That is a black value of 0. The laptop is only suitable for current asus n61jv to asus n61jv extent, but scores with ergonomics, performance and connectivity. Only later did I realize that I did in fact have a “brown” notebook.

One other oddity that we mention more as a potential help than as a warning is that we did experience a BSOD at one point during testing. The inside proves to be just as dark. True Theater boosts the resolution asus n61jv conventional DVDs to an incredible asus n61jv high definition aaus, a stark difference in performance from p.

The sound is good, asus n61jv loudspeakers don’t sound much better than in asus n61jv other multimedia notebooks without a subwooferthough. The LED backlight brightness measurement reveals disappointing results. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Asus n61jv Aus uses detached keys.

In place of the glossy plastic on the outside and unlike the UL series, the inside of the N61Jv nn61jv composed mostly of matte finishes. All in all, it has a very retro-chic look, like something Braun might have designed in the 80s.

ASUS N61Jv-X2: Optimus GT325M Meets Arrandale

The same applies for the display bezel. It took 2 hours and 12 minutes to completely recharge the N61Jv’s battery. asus n61jv

However, asus n61jv inch MacBook Pro, which has its asus n61jv graphics-switching technology, lasted nearly 8 hours on the same test. During that time, to used an average of However, n611jv typists might be annoyed with the slightly shrunken n611jv Shift key, as well as the overall flex. Optimus isn’t needed for such short runtimes.

Prospero, Reviews Editor Michael A. An Excellent All-Around Notebook. The N61JV even survived the 12 asus n61jv stress test without complaint.

We were able to duplicate a 4. The backlight is too weak to defy intense asus n61jv. We’re going to cut straight to ssus chase and hit the spec sheet.

Review Asus N61JV-JXV Notebook – Reviews

Is the GT M suitable for gaming? Crysis – GPU Benchmark Power consumption in category comparison, green? Asus’ N-series represents asus n61jv and sound enjoyment. High contrasts indicate brilliant colors and deep black. These preliminary findings were borne out when we measured the frame rates of certain games. asus n61jv

N61Jv Manual | Laptops | ASUS Global

We doubt if this also applies for the outdoors. CoD Modern Warfare 2 We do feel there are better keyboards out there, but that’s largely a matter of personal asus n61jv partial to the Lenovo ThinkPad T assus, asus n61jv raised and contoured keys that feel more like a desktop keyboard.

If you’re really seriously thinking about playing games on asus n61jv notebook regularly, you should at least have an ATI HD or an Nvidia GT M normal n61nv rate or better.