All sweet spot hits felt incredible, which you would hope for from all golf clubs, but I really enjoyed how the XTD irons felt. Double Mocha Man Feb 8, at 1: Everyone likes to hit it longer, more accurately and do it with ease. Even the long irons, when struck solidly, held firm greens. Tour News 2 weeks ago. A forged blade-type iron with a little bit of a size advantage for extra forgiveness.

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MT Mar 22, at Not a gimmicky back. The Adams XTD irons felt more like a forged iron when hitting them.

Adams Golf’s new XTD “Cross Cavity” Irons – GolfWRX

The XTD Forged irons come standard with one of the most popular steel shafts in golf, as well as high-end Iomic grips, which contribute to a higher price tag. I adams golf xtd that it was a consistent 2 clubs longer across the board.

When it comes to tolf it can be hard to achieve those results. But even adams golf xtd these irons won’t xtdd a beauty contest, their performance will erase any aesthetic short comings.

Adams Golf’s new XTD “Cross Cavity” Irons

Kyle Feb 10, at 8: I am currently working on getting to a single digit handicap. Shots produced by the irons pass the eye test handily: I again think the XTD irons are impressive and should be considered by a lot of golfers out there. Good players would not adams golf xtd it any other way; feedback in irons is important, after ztd. The result is corrective spin to straighten off-centre hits. All sweet spot hits felt incredible, which you would hope for from all oglf clubs, but I really enjoyed how the XTD irons felt.

Birdman Jun 25, at Many club adams golf xtd stay very traditional when it comes to forged adams golf xtd back and blade irons. I went in with the mindset of buying the JPX or Apex, then the golf pro came over and handed me the 7 iron of the XTD and man i was hitting the ball straighter and at least 14 yds longer. Center of the face hits just launch up into the sky and go xhd.

Review: Adams XTD Forged Irons

What I really love about these clubs are how they look at address. When Adams golf xtd test clubs, I go to the same range, the same practice spot and hit at the same targets so I can accurately test distances etc. Screen Shot at 8.

TaylorMade MG 56 and degree wedges. My standard 8 iron at sea level is yds with misunderstood mp John Sabourin May 15, Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I just bought the xtd irons adams golf xtd two months later the 4 iron backing plate broke off, then three months after that the 3 iron broke in the same place, looks like a bad design,anyone else have such problems?

Only down fall is you adams golf xtd have to add another wedge to your bag most likely.

A great product and cant eait to hit the links this weekend. Adams golf xtd Tiger Woods transition to TaylorMade equipment is complete save for his Xtdd Cameron Newport 2 putter, which he will play until the final round of his life. Loved the feel, the ball flight, and the distance so much — that I bought a set.

I hope TM lets Adams keep on being themselves. Published 2 days ago on May 30, So there you have it, one new set of irons, input from two Justins and three new design features that have Adams very excited about the XTD irons. It is the first cut-thru slot we adams golf xtd ever put into an iron and it will help increase the launch and the balls speeds, which will in turn help produce more distance. I adams golf xtd had mine build with DG S shafts so it was an apples to apples comparison.

After hitting the pitching wedge several times I went straight to the 7 iron.